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The Anti-Menagerie is a space that aggregrates conversations, collaborations, and research stemming from investigations into trans-species solidarity, resistance, and practice, facilitated by Helen Pritchard and Cassandra Troyan.

This site was created as a way to continue the work “Multispecies Methods for Solidarity Stories — Using Multispecies Storytelling for Sustainable Change by Engaging with Decolonial and Anti-Racist Strategies”, which seeks to use interdisciplinary methods as part of a digital lab, to allow writers, scholars, artists, designers, and theorists to engage and collectively build practices and ways of rethinking how we imagine our role as humans in connection with other species.

This platform was developed in collaboration with Cristina Cochior, a researcher and designer working in the Netherlands. Rather than existing only as a static and hierarchical archive, it is purposely swampy and layered. All the notes, drawings, images, and writings that came out of these workshops, lectures and seminars were collectively made in collaboration with our colleagues and students in the Department of Design at Linnaeus University, and at i-DAT at the University of Plymouth. The Anti-Menagerie figures as a space for the proliferation of new projects with the possibility for continual expansion and re-ordering. When navigating the site, all the floating images and pdfs can be dragged across the page. For a more stable view, click on the middle left button. The site is build using the free software distribusi and the typeface is FluxischElse.

The building of the site has been funded by an artistic research commission from DONE5, a strategic grant for sustainable internationalization from Linnaeus University, and conducted in collaboration with the University of Plymouth during Autumn 2020.