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My Octopus Girlfriend: On Multispecies Eros by Sophie Lewis, Tuesday 15 December, 7pm

Please join us for a lecture by Dr. Sophie Lewis, who will address a recent cultural furor over the question of octopus eros, prompted by a loving reading of the Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher. She will present new writing My Octopus Girlfriend: On erotophobia forthcoming in n+1 magazine, analysing the erotophobia of the current conjuncture, and demonstrating alternative, aquatopian possibilities.

Sophie Lewis is a writer based in Philadelphia, the author of Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family, a visiting scholar at Penn, and a teacher of courses on queer and trans feminism at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. A member of the Out of the Woods collective, she writes and speaks widely on family abolition, ecology, and utopia.

“Full Surrogacy Now is the seriously radical cry for full gestational justice that I long for.” – Donna Haraway

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20:04:56	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : hi everyone we are just waiting for everyone to arrive :)
20:06:27	 From Jara Rocha : hello :)
20:06:37	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : hello!
20:08:48	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : H e l l o  <コ:彡
20:08:53	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : Hello <3
20:09:03	 From Annie Blanchette : Hello!
20:10:12	 From Ren (they) Goda (she) : Hello!
20:10:30	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : hello!!
20:15:56	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : If anyone wants to take collective notes we can write here https://pad.constantvzw.org/p/multispecies.sophielewis.sharednotes
20:29:59	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : <コ:彡C:.ミ<コ:彡 C:.ミ<コ:彡 C:.ミ
20:43:15	 From Jara Rocha : <3<3<3<3<3<3
20:49:09	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : lol
20:50:31	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : Z$$m teaching futures
20:52:01	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : friends with benefits
21:04:08	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : thank you!!!
21:04:12	 From Ines Munday : Thank you
21:04:23	 From Laura Hopes : Thank you!
21:04:36	 From Mandy Bloomfield : That was a wonderful talk Sophie, thank you!
21:04:48	 From Kaajal Modi : Thank you Sophie!
21:04:53	 From Stephanie Moran : Amazing talk, thank you
21:04:56	 From Sophie Lewis : Thank you everyone for listening
21:05:08	 From duncan paterson : Thank you, great talk!
21:05:11	 From Annie Blanchette : Thank you Sophie!
21:05:21	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : thank you くコ:彡
21:05:22	 From Sophie Lewis : I went a bit long I realise, because my word count didn't take into account the slow flamboyance of my delivery choices lmao
21:05:40	 From Annie Blanchette : Wonderful style!
21:06:00	 From Ren (they) Goda (she) : Thank you so much for this great talk!
21:06:06	 From Helga Steppan : ***** Thank You *****
21:06:41	 From Sophie Lewis : Of course up for questions but even more than that I would love to just listen and hear people's thoughts - yours Cass and Helen's of course
21:09:59	 From Ren (they) Goda (she) : We have a question that could be read out - it is: Is there a difference between the erotic and the pornographic, in your opinion? And how would the two relate to capitalism?
21:14:21	 From Judy Thorne : Isn’t it interesting that to eroticise is to destroy
21:15:49	 From Laura Hopes : Really sorry I have to go - looking forward to tomorrow’s workshop
21:16:39	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : ‘Purity and danger’
21:17:52	 From Judy Thorne : one of the potent things about the essay for me is in its proposition of an erotics other than rape - i.e. other than what ‘erotic’ means in when pronounced by a patriarchal mouth
21:17:53	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : Sophie - I fell that the phobia feels more present because of the recirculation by big tech - twitter etc.. turbo capitalism and perhaps the increase in resources being poured into it by the alt right — during the increasing mediated life
21:18:50	 From Ren (they) Goda (she) : Mmm thank u for the response Sophie!
21:21:19	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : Camera shy craig
21:24:00	 From Jara Roxxxa : Not a question, but a comment: I love the notion of 'epistemic danger', especially in contact with the end-of-oneself. It really makes sense to me as a way to name the limits to/of capitalism and somehow also as a way to naming the limits of modern colonial andro-anthropocentric culture/s? // Somehow "The beast and the sovereign" kept a ymmetry on top that is dismanteled by that danger? // Anyway, thanks so so much for making and sharing this piece!!
21:25:40	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : "Turn on, tune in, drop out"
21:26:13	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : Octopus love actually
21:28:42	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : Slutty cats lol
21:30:47	 From Jara Roxxxa : thanks for reading it, yes :)
21:32:25	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : Knowing What One Does Not Know
21:32:39	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : Or dogs
21:32:46	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : lol
21:32:50	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : rabbits
21:33:10	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : Un-knowing risk
21:33:18	 From Cassandra Troyan : Any other questions from anyone?
21:33:54	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : slippery worlds of screens and feels, emoji and mouths
radiating tentacle, alimentary canal, blood, and swamp that we share.
Its messy repetition of loops, exterior intensities and anaerobic encounter.
21:34:45	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : woof
21:39:05	 From Maggie Roberts : It’s very cold, that slimy delicate sucker touch. And so much of it, too much touch almost, and suckers are sooo strong, there’s unexpected danger in the cold (not human/alien touch), hard to disengage from it. This is fascinating and sort of addictive. Deeply Erotic but not exactly sexy…
21:40:21	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : maggie <3
21:41:10	 From Maggie Roberts : detatch the erotic from the human
21:41:29	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : Omg any lesbian movie
21:42:30	 From Maggie Roberts : There’s your acid trip!!!
21:42:56	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : Tiny frozen hand
21:44:55	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : different kinds of wet
21:45:40	 From Judy Thorne : The fast heavy breathing that happens when you plunge into cold water ...
21:45:45	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : nicki minaj in dungeness
21:46:35	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSThAhpoGZ0
21:46:56	 From Maggie Roberts : I can’t come tomorrow - teaching. Thank you for an amazing evening.
21:47:02	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : Thank you - awesome
21:47:06	 From Sophie Lewis : Thank you everyone
21:47:09	 From Sophie Lewis : So much
21:47:12	 From Ren (they) Goda (she) : 🔮thank you so much💐
21:47:13	 From Sophie Lewis : I was nervous about airing this!
21:47:14	 From Jara Roxxxa : thanks so much!
21:47:15	 From Kaajal Modi : 🥰
21:47:28	 From Michelle Westerlaken : thank you everyone, and Sophie for sharing such a great essay, very inspiring! :)
21:47:43	 From Tobias : Until tomorrow….thank you
21:47:43	 From gillianwyldeshe/her : <3
21:47:44	 From Judy Thorne : thank you!!
21:47:51	 From cristina cochior : thank you! :)
21:47:54	 From Tobias : :)
21:48:05	 From Ren (they) Goda (she) : Ciao!
21:48:05	 From Jara Roxxxa : gracias gracias
21:48:15	 From Ines Munday : Thank you
21:48:26	 From Helen Pritchard she/her : bye everyone!
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