multispeciessolidarity.foraging Multispecies Methods for Solidarity Stories
Cassandra Troyan and Helen V. Pritchard

*Method 1: Foraging Interdependency 
*Add three lines of text from your final work and/or one overview image of your work below before going into the breakout groups. 

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In my habitat, 
Also big creates, 
on wheels
What are they doing?
What's that loud noise?
They are throwing something, 
in the grass, 
in the water. 
I see the ducks eating it
I can't concentrate in my hunting. 
Please go away
Or calm down
I need my food
I need my rest

Nicola Locatelli
extract from the text i wrote:
I felt my root's urge to go deeper and break through the soil. To the touch the earth had a soft and sandy texture. Suddenly I heard the movement of the soil and the leaves breaking. The sound what almost pleasant. 

Pale, skiny, striking red dress,pearls, long legged, fancy white lingerie and to make it even more easy, I choose to “ask for it“ under the only white tree in the whole forest. You have to be blind {and dumb} not to find me, honestly. The fricking Karl Johan, my ex, is going around spreading lies about me and our toxic relationship. He's fat, brown and eh, mushy - I'm surprised humans don't confuse him with bear sh.. eh, bear poo, honestly.

Crunch, crunch as I make my way through the fallen autumn leaves
I come across a delicious cup of rainwater 
The flowers are still in bloom
Something else, same crunch, but not leaves..
Beside your roots, I will rest for awhile

You stand very still in the afternoon sun
You'll stand still tomorrow when a new day has begun
You mind your own business and shed some nuts
You're strong enough to do that even after some cuts

Slug pants. Bring me dirt. Make me a hat. 

you dont say much, but your green hue speaks plenty.Mr Cacti.
I believe that spiders sees you as a playground, mr cacti.
you share the same roots but does that make you one being or multiple, mr cacti? 

It’s all inside of me, the centuries that circled my existence. I am a collection of memories craved deep in my very being. I am a pillar of time. 

Bush, Lotta : ), sun ray........., Lotta :), bush? bush! Lotta, forbiden Toys -NO, forbiden Toys -NO, forbiden Toys -NO, forbiden Toys -NO, Lotta :),  feathers?, kid!!!, soil##### Lotta :) bush! Lotta :)

The big, wide, vast world sometimes seems scary to me, I am so small and slow, and there is always so much around me. I look up at the sky, I see the brightness shining down from above, I feel the warmth of sunlight on my shell, and the pitter patter on raindrops falling. When I wish to be tall I always must wait for the rain, and then I am able to climb up the the moist leaves, it feels like I am flying in the sky.

The wind is beating against your flowers and sometimes you feel small droplets of water splashing from the ocean. Ants and other, small species are gently stepping on your leaves to get to the other side. The tall grass is brushing against you as the wind rises. 

it's windy today. i feel my leaves touching and rubbing against eachother. It tickles.

Where is the water? There is no water here. Such a small and dry place this is. How can a swan live here? I couldn’t, this is no place for a swan. I miss my lake! The open space and sky above! The playful time with my duckling friends; the taste of sea weed on my tongue.

I'm near the ocean
Above it
I see it underneath me
next to,
Yet so limited 
The waves touching the stones
the sand
the species nearby
As I get closer
I feel water drops touching my feathers 
I go up
I go down
I feel the wind underneath
next to 
all around 
My narrow wings cuts through the wind 
Yet so limited
In my flying
I cant go as fast as I want
If I just could ask for permession
for calmness
A calm wind
But not today
It asks me for power
more energy
So thats what I have to do
In one direction
The other
I get help
I get speed
The wind carrying my wings
My whole body
Great feeling
Great speed
Yet so limited

On, ready to take pictures, what should I focus on today? Bumblebees?again ? oh no…click! and antother detailed shot of the Bumblebee, but the flower looks so nice, I wonder what they smell like? - My Camera - 

”That giant creature came again and tried to watch me sleeping (creeper alert). Unfortunately, my vision is pretty bad, so I really cannot tell how this creature looks like. Well, according to that giant shadow I see and the vibrations that it is sending to me, it has at least four hands and four legs. Disgusting, which kind of creature is having so many limbs?”

I go around the lake, children calling out to eachother and the ducks quacking, now demanding food from me. I pick up what I can find, the feathres of ducks the reeds, that keep the water lily company. What interesting and noisy neighbours you have.

*Foraging ideas:
Group 1
Picking the right  spot, respect, using sense, smell, sight and listening and tuning in on the species
practicing mindfulness.. tuning it to the environment and the specific species - whats the nearby species..

Group 2
Going out -- reflected on it -- taking in everything around you, concerning everything you are doing and what you are foraging in general. What foraging means and its different meaning in different languages
Group 3 
no matter what we are looking for we always base it on memory -- smell, must have a memory of mushroom

Group 7 
Laying on the ground  observing a mushroom from upside down -- also if we learn what the mushroom likes or eat.. the mushroom like birch trees. 
Group 8 
Shifting focus - and putting in perspective of species.. 
Shifting of scale; what and how you focus on

*Exercise 1: Write for 5 minutes from the perspective of a nematode taking a ride in a slug taxi in the forest.

Add one line here>>>

There are many skyscrapers in our city!

do they view me as a parasite or something even worse, i dont feel like a parasite.

Come on in. Theres room for more. 

These mushrooms are really kicking in, everything is moving. Trippy...

I hope I can find a better spot before it's too late 

This taxi maybe slow but is good for taking me where i need to, to do my work.

It's a little cramp in here but it won't be too long until I can get out.

Thank god for taxis, would’ve taken me forever to go by crawl

why do these cab drivers always have to tell their whole life story!

Quite nasty this taxi. But i guess im quite nasty too. Well it at least goes forward...i think

Why can’t I move fast? The dark brown sides of a slugs lime green stomach appeared black to Nemo the nematode. Well I'm looking fowards to eating them carrots. 

The taxi is late again. I should get used to it, the timetable is really unpredictable. This is what happens when you put slugs in the position of management. 

a dark wet travel to the unknown

Sticky oozy forward motion. Snoozing on the moving ooze. Sliding grinding on the soil. A quick lift to the source of food. Does the ooze know it’s direction? Smells of food. Feeling food.

I am churning around in this soft, dark, moist environment, I feel warm and safe, tucked inside the slug.

Flashes of light and scents shine on my ride's skin. Very sticky but comfy. Next time I'm gonna book a dragonfly, might be faster.

Oh no, he’s heading in the wrong direction! Where am I going to end up?

Day 3. It has been a while since I last ate. Hope is slim, until I sense a familiar being around. It's a slug. A brief respite has arrived. I burrow inside slug with the hope and comfort of a prolonged survival.

Maybe I should have walked, this slug i so slow, and I have never been in this part of the garden before. It would have been nice to really check it out.

Sometimes, I wonder how did I become so fortunate to be born as a nematode...

I'm hungry. Can i get a ride please?

It was hard to hold on. This taxi is so slippery… I stretched myself to create balance.

Thanks for the ride!

We were running out of food. The area started to get dry and we were too many worms in there. I do not know how we made it, but somehow I and my mom found the way to the last snail taxi of this year. We survived.

Another day, another slug. The ride on the last one was slow, it hadn't rained in a few days. 

A nematode needs to go from point A to point B, to be fair, he doesn't really know if he needs to go, yet he does, at least he will go wherever the slug takes him, warm and cozy.

taxi driver
be my shrink for the hour
is what frank said
but baby slug driver
will you take me anywhere 
in this rush hour
when you are a slug
and a slug only
unrequited love?
more like,
non-existing speed


" Im not really sure where exactly do I need to go", I say to the taxi driver once I hop on the slug taxi, " but somewhere else where's there more food to be found!"
" I got you, mate" says the driver and off we go.
We are in a forest, quite a beautiful one. This area is popular because of all the blueberries that create the romantic atmosphere. But the seasons have changed, and another neighbourhood is gaining popularity now. It's further out there where the mushrooms are growing. It will be a long ride but at one point we will be there...

Moss, blueberries, ferns in green and orange/brown colour, young oak trees, birds and the wind.

It´s a sunny day and nematode feeling exhausted, he watches the slug who is trying to reach the shade. He jumps as high as he can just to get on the slugs back. When he gets there he can feel how slimy and relaxing the taxi is. It feels like he is taking a bath in the slugs slimes. They travel long, but the nematode is enjoying the ride, the sun doesn’t feel that hurtful anymore, he is relaxed. It doesn’t matter anymore if the trip will take a lifetime.. The nematode smiles..


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